Safety in remote locations

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) has implemented a new safety system for its forestry services team.

Long-serving employees Stephen Connell, team manager, and Barry Budarick attended the safety training day at the company’s Kingscote office. Joining them were the company’s newest employees Brian Stewart and Claire Lillington.

KIPT director of operations Graham Holdaway conducted the training with safety manager Allie Zubizarreta and consultant Robin Holmes.

“Forestry is an industry with specific safety issues and we are implementing new systems to ensure the safety of our workers and others who may be visiting work sites,” Mr Holdaway said.

“It is a good time to do this, as we bring on new employees and plan for an expanded workforce.”

Part of the new regime includes an emergency contact system for those working in isolation, which monitors the location of employees via satellite and requires them to check in at regular intervals. The system also allows them to summon help if needed.

Forestry contract company PF Olsen also used the KIPT Kingscote office recently for a Zero Harm training day for employees and contractors, raising the awareness of substance abuse and fatigue as factors in workplace safety.

Picking up on these and other industry progress, in August FIEA is running their annual forest safety and technology conference series in Rotorua on 8th August and in Melbourne on 15 August.