20-21 June 2018
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 June 2018
WoodFlow 2018 is Australasia’s premier technology event providing practical tools, new innovations and key insights to help improve planning, logistics and operations within the wood supply chain.

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18 July 2018

Forestry people embrace safety technology

FIST Updates

An upcoming national safety conference in August features positive evidence that forest contractors and managers have really embraced new safety applications. The early adopters have proven the new systems are vital to embedding safety i...

4 April 2018

Safety in remote locations

FIST Updates

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) has implemented a new safety system for its forestry services team. Long-serving employees Stephen Connell, team manager, and Barry Budarick attended the safety training day at the company’s Ki...

WoodFlow 2018

20-21 June 2018, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
26-27 June 2018, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND

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